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The Myth

Spyridon traveled the globe. About his travels, he is bountiful and could easily keep you awake an entire evening, but beyond his adventures, what he likes to share, are the rare and delicate spices that at each stage he slipped into his luggage.
He set to work and from blend to blend, he ended up crafting in a single sip all the emotions that had gone through him. With this nectar he started filling bottles.

A long-term adventurer, Spyridon brought back extraordinary flavors from his expeditions. Back in his Bordeaux laboratory, he assembled them to create a delicious drink to dilute with water so that you, in turn, can take your taste buds on a journey.

The exquisite drink

The complex aromatic stature of Spyridon comes from the delicate spices associated with fresh and subtle citrus notes on a cane sugar base. A 100% natural drink to be diluted according to your taste and with the mixer of your choice. It was in its laboratory in Bordeaux that Spyridon developed his formula. He first focused on selecting from his collection of organic spices that would go into the final composition. Then he assembled them, as an oenologist would have done, refining the proportions little by little so that he finally managed to achieve the desired balance. One can mix it with sparkling water, cold hot still water.

Indulge in a glass of Spyridon simply diluted with sparkling water, accompanied by a thin slice of lemon. But you can use it as you wish in cold or hot water, cocktails and mocktails or even in your cooking recipes.

Spyridon "Moments"

Because it is important to take notice of time passing by when traveling, Sypridon has selected for you some anecdotes among its most thirst-quenching stops.


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